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Originally Posted by jmsenk View Post
Yeah, the patches kinda rubbed me the wrong way too. If a guy was 82nd Airborne in vietnam or panama, and he throws their patch on his kit while messing around in the desert, then im cool with it. All the Way, paratrooper. But if a 300lb 20yr old who calls MOLLE "mole" gear (yes, I have heard that) is wearing 10th Mountain or 2ID. On his sleeve because it looks cool, then we might have some words. Now those words may be "ya know, my brother was 2ID." "Really? Mine too, that's why i have the patch!" I can understand, but there may need to be some clarification. Hell, I remember the Marines not wanting their terps or corpsmen wearing MARPAT for a while (they have sense relented, and i doubt it was ever enforced) so i'd imagine they'd be upset about civilian militias rocking it.

What's wrong with OD or Khaki carhart?

Well Said
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