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passed psych. Was told to just wait for the commander to review everything to get my hiring date.

Then, I talked to the CAPT. He said with the new changes upstairs, they might not be able to do the reserve/LOA that he had planned on doing. Waiting for a call back from a different commander tomorrow to find out what we can do.

This sucks. I really hope I didnt waste 7 months of shore duty time putting myself through the academy to have it all wash away and have to do it again in 4 years.
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To me Law Enforcement are guilty until proven innocent.
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Over reaction to non-crimes by State loyalists. If they keep up their heavy handed crap, soon it'll be a better gamble to shoot at cops before they even start bothering you considering the amount of time they're willing to put you in prison for if you cooperate.

Seems like that pendulum is about to shift.
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