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Originally Posted by BigJ View Post
Ok here's another question slightly divergent to my original post: if 22lr was as expensive, or conversely if say 308 or even 556 was as cheap, would you still reach for the 22lr? Or in other words if ammo costs were a non factor, would the 22lr still be as much "fun"?
If costs were all equal, I would not shoot as much 22lr. Shooting 22lr is fun and cheap. My other guns are fun and expensive (relatively compared to 22lr). If all things were equal, I'd practice and train with the larger calibers since they would most likely be my go to gun in almost all situations.

.22's are fun though and since costs are not equal, I shoot them almost every time I go out.

To answer the original question there's a phrase that my one of my good friends would say to me a lot at the range, "Shoot what you like, Like what you shoot".
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