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Originally Posted by Baconator View Post
probably find them cheap used, huh?
Yes you can, the first two should be cheap at least.

Originally Posted by Eldraque View Post
dude. Sofia is a hotty idk wat ur smoking
Its a game
Originally Posted by gundad View Post
Definitely doing AC3 but may wait till black friday hoping for a sale.
I cant wait that long, ill prob have a beat by then. Depends how long they made the game

Originally Posted by mosinnagantm9130 View Post
The last I checked AC1 was around $8, AC2 was about $18. Not sure what brotherhood and revelations are going for though.

Yeah, you really should play them in order. It's a cool series, but they can be confusing even when you play them in order.
Ya, i might need to replay them all back to back to back when done with 3
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