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Originally Posted by Ironchef View Post
So wait a second...reading this thread brings up a question for me...

When I'm pulled over in my honda minivan, wife and kids inside, and upon handing my license and registration to the cop, and he quickly asks if i have any guns in the vehicle (and I do, legally stowed), how do I answer? Do I say "I don't want to answer that question" because he doesn't have PC to ask or pursue a search?

I know it's not something asked at a traffic stop, but if it is....what's safe protocol regardless of what firearm I'm carrying?
Ironchef asked a very good question on 01-02-2008 that has not been answered, at least in this thread.

The question is in the context of a LEO car stop of a person with no wants or warrants - for example a minor mechanical problem like a failed taillight.

I have a 100% purely clean criminal and traffic record and was also asked this once. I had been safely weaving around some deep potholes caused by construction work, was pulled over and immediately the officer asked, "Do you have any guns in the car or anything I should know about?" I had no guns or anything else "of interest" in the car, said so, and he let me go after I explained that I was avoid damaging potholes.

But the question remains, how should that question be answered?
If you have gun(s) in the car and the officer asks if you have them responding with anything other than "yes" would be a lie. Let's say there was no probable cause to search the car or even ask about guns.

If a LEO asks, "Do you have any guns in the car or anything I should know about?" does that require an honest answer?
Is it a question to which a LEO has the right to an honest answer?

What are prudent ways to response to this question?

By the way, I do have an old M1A that has the muzzle flash hidder that makes mine an "assault weapon" and mine is a duly registered assault weapon (RAW). My understanding is that my California driver's license and on-line law enforcement records show that I am a gun owner and that this information pops up on the LEO's in-car computer in a car stoop. That may have been why the LEO asked about guns.
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