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Natchez has a great sale on Weaver scopes and for a bargain on a good scope you'll find a Weaver's Classic V10 2-10x38 hunting scope can be had for cheap. It's on par with a Nikon Buckmaster or a Burris Fullfield II. With a non-sale price of $180-220 I consider them "average Joe" scopes because they're affordable quality that will last a lifetime and are optically plenty good enough for the average daylight shooter. Sale prices start at $150.

A step up to premium optics would bring you up to a Weaver Grand Slam 3-10x40 or even better a Super Slam 2-10x40 or a Bushnell Elite 2.5-10x40 (this model was formerly in the Elite 4200 line), or a Zeiss Conquest 3-9x40. These are all roughly on par. I'm very picky about optics and I'd be happy with any of these four but would probably go with the Bushnell or the Zeiss for their lighter weight. Prices, including those currently on-sale, run $260-500.

This will give you an idea of where they sit in the scope food chain.
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