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Originally Posted by codypaint77 View Post
Most likely she has already been tagged for separation for failing to comply with the standards. I know a few Marines that could not lose the weight and they were gone after about a year. This marsh mellow is a disgrace to the Marine Corps; I'm sure she knows it too.

Me thinks too many maple nut cakes or brownies from the MRE's.
Yeah it's the same in the Army it takes at least 8 months of negative progress to separate someone.

I thought it was just all called getting fat, nothing a little PT and change of eating habit can't solve but apparently people smarter than me decided it's a medical condition. And now what do you know all these overweight people have this medical condition. Apparently there are drugs out there that can cause people to gain some massive weight. I need to be prescribed some of this.........

Props to her for completing boot camp though

BTW some guys in SF are overweight but they aren't fat.

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