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Originally Posted by Enfield47 View Post
Thanks. I love my Enfield, they are great rifles and the action is so smooth. Where did you immigrate from?

Even if it is sporerized model, I'll bet it is a great shooter. One advantage to the sporterized models is they are a bit lighter so they are much easier to take into the field for hunting.
We came over from the Netherlands, but my Dad was from Indonesia. Some of his childhood memories are of the Japanese invasion and occupation during WW2. That was part of his motivation to eventually live in America. As soon as my folks were settled one of the first things my father did was order his Enfield. To him that .303 was the manifestation of American freedom and self determination.

I haven't shot it in years, but is is a great handling rifle, and the action is butter smooth. It does have a bit of a kick though... If I make it up to their place before November I'll pick it up and bring it to TZS.