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I wanted to post and share my experience with Jack Ross. Like many of you, I ordered 1000 rounds of 9mm reloads from this company. My order number was 10XX and was placed on March 31, 2012. I called early on and spoke to Tia. I followed the Facebook page and I called the number just to have it ring until I got the recording telling me that the voice mail was full. The number was later disconnected. None of this is news, I know. However, yesterday, I received my order. I will include pictures below.

I did not dispute my order through the credit card company primarily because of laziness, but also because I secretly hoped that I would eventually get the ammo. I was having no luck reaching Jack Ross on the phone and via email, so I tried the old fashioned method of writing them. Two weeks ago, on a Friday, I mailed a handwritten letter to their address. I simply stated that I too am a small business owner and I understood how someone like us could easily be overwhelmed with orders from sites like groupon etc. I did not ask for delivery of my order, I simply asked when I could reasonably expect to have my order filled. Exactly one week later on the following Friday, I received an email from Jack Ross stating that my order had been filled, but it came with no tracking information. On the following Friday (yesterday), I found the box of ammo waiting for me on my doorstep shipped via FedEx ground.

I have read the posts complaining about the quality of the rounds, but you have to understand that these are reloads and they were very inexpensive. I opened al, of the boxes and inspected the rounds. I found two that were not fit to shoot. I included a picture of one of the rounds below.

Yes I waited a long time and yes, I felt wronged by the lack of communication, but I did finally receive my full order and I am satisfied with the product. If Jack Ross were able to turn things around and they offered another low priced deal, and if I were not in a hurry, I would order from them again. I feel like they were simply overwhelmed and ran into some bad luck with broken reloaders. In my mind, I see them as entrepreneurs that got in over their heads, but they haven't completely given up. As evidenced by my order, they're trying to make good on their commitments. I sincerely wish them the best of luck and hope that this post helps others understand that Jack Ross is probably just a small American business that got overwhelmed by demand for their product. I won't fault a fellow American for attempting to grow their business in these trying economic times.

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