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Originally Posted by Mossy Man View Post
if he's on a budget it would be in his best interest to buy a rifle that is known to cycle budget ammo (AKA russian steel)

you should have got a WASR in 7.62 lol

In other news, the sport seems to love russian steel

Saiga Sporter is what I was looking at for a cheap rifle. Plus you can buy the rifle, shoot it as is as you save up more money to convert it to an AK-47.

You could also go with the M&P15 Sport.

You could build a good quality AR-15 from Palmetto State Armory parts. Buy a lower locally and then order everything else from their website.

You could buy here on the classifieds. Lots of good deals, but you need to sort through the people that think their firearm is worth 20% over retail (it's absolutely ridiculous sometimes... that's in a whole other thread tho).

All of these options can get you something for under $800 if you look hard enough. And the Saiga Sporter is IMO, the best value unless you REALLY want an AR-15.

I'll find the for sale ad but usually the Saigas are around $400. As a note, the chambering says .223, but this is an exception to the "Do not fire a 5.56 in a .223 rifle" (Another argument or belief in itself, I won't get into it). Anyways, it'll say .223, but you're fine to shoot .223 or 5.56 with no repercussions.
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