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Originally Posted by AbsoluteTruth View Post
The thing is I really want a foward assist and a dust cover on my rifle. I want the forward assist so if SHTF ever happened and I was defending my life and had a jam I could just hit it and be back in the fight...

If I decided to return it before I signed anything would the FFL ship it back for me? Would that cost money? Would I still have to pay them the transfer fee?
thanks for letting me know.
FA doesn't work that way. If your bolt fails to fully chamber, then most likely something really isn't right, and if you jam that FA you'll get that one shot until it's really FUBARed.

Plus, in a rifles like the sport, you have the scallop on the actual bolt carrier (doesn't even really get hot while firing) to push it forward. In a rifle like an AK or mini, you have a charging handle to assist.

The dust cover is the only real argument IMO, but even then you'd have to run it dry, with crappy mags, AND kick gravel into the chamber for it to fail (thanks zombie tactics)

And if you really wanted the FA/DC, you could have purchased a DPMS Oracle and some magpul flip ups and that would have cost about the same.
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