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Originally Posted by nitroxdiver View Post
If you are going to try and return it, do so before you take possession of it (paperwork). Deffinately don't shoot it then try and return it. S&W MP sport is in your budget and is proving to be a fine rifle. No dust cover or foward assist.

If you do take possession of your rguns rifle, go to the range and shoot some xm193 for a number of rounds to check function. Then start introducing different brands of steel and different mags to continue checking compatibility function. It may work it may not. I have no idea if my rifles shoot steel as I never buy it. m193 and m855 only.

Good luck and have fun!
The thing is I really want a foward assist and a dust cover on my rifle. I want the forward assist so if SHTF ever happened and I was defending my life and had a jam I could just hit it and be back in the fight...

If I decided to return it before I signed anything would the FFL ship it back for me? Would that cost money? Would I still have to pay them the transfer fee?
thanks for letting me know.
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