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Originally Posted by shark92651 View Post
We don't stock that item and, while we could order it, honestly it would probably be cheaper for you to order a one-off item like that yourself and have it shipped to your home.
Exactly, I have the BLK/FDE bag from NRW, but honestly its not that needed. Its not even that discreet, the bags off ended shape makes it very very eye catching. The LWRC guitar case bag was a better discreet carry. I also purchased cases from the music store near RG and cut the interiors up to hide/carry my rifles and other gear. Draws far less attention, a rectangle large violin case with music stickers all over it, draws less attention.

And as said, if you really really need it, you should just order online. I do use mine on occassion but not much, my daughter uses it for her rifle, its novelty really. From what my hubs says rifle gear has great selection of bags at a better price, and honestly, more useful IMO then what first spear makes for NRW.

Again, Function over Form, but just my opinion. It's like folks buying a GT500 but only needing a GT.
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