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Originally Posted by tacticalcity View Post
Actually I was referring more to their roll in the Mossad than the IDF, though the visibility of women serving in the IDF helped popularize the need for their role in the US Military to be expanded.

My military service is not a "story" bro.

You have a bad habbit of insulting things no man should ever insult and then acting like it is no big deal. Not the first time. Not something you would do in person either.
What did I insult? My "cool story bro" comment was a joke, relax. Being that it didn't pertain at all to the discussion at hand I posted that. You claimed women have had great success in particular roles. In every thread about women being in a combat MOS the "oh the Israelis did it!" argument comes up. They did it, yes but not with great success. It was proven that it did more harm than good. They tried it. It didn't work. They no longer do it. I didn't know you know how I am in person but that's great to know.
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