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Default WTB Hi-Power pistol, 5.45 spam cans, AK Monsterman, Colt Ar15 22LR mags

Folks, I am looking for:

A Hi-Power pistol (Browning, Feg, or clone) in decent condition.

Spam cans of 5.45x39 ammo.

One or more AR15 and also one AK47 Monsterman grip for featureless builds.

Also looking for an AK POSP type scope with 4x, 6x, or 8x magnification.

I am looking for Colt 22LR conversion magazines like this:

This is what the original package looked like:

Please PM me if you have one for sale, with price/details. I am in NorCal (San Jose, Sacramento) but can pay for shipping for grips or mags.
WTS: WTB HP22 and Taurus 94ss (San Jose, Sacramento): Link

WTS: WTS Mosin Spam cans Romanian 7.62x54R and also 7.62x39 7n6 in NorCal: Link

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