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Default CMP shipping confirmation -- With pics

Hey all,

I got my shipping confirmation for my Springfield Service Grade M1 today. I checked my order status and its showing a 5.4 mil serial so it won't be the WW2 rifle I was hoping for. On the plus side, from the looks of the other rifles people have shown here I have high hopes it will be just as nice and a great shooter.

How long does it normally take for them to arrive? Fedex doesn't have my tracking number in their system yet. For the record, I dropped my order letter in the mail on Sept 18th which makes this only 16 days so far. I must say, from the other stories I've read here, I'm very impressed with how fast they're shipping these days!

Yes, I'll update with pictures as soon as it arrives!

...and as promised:

I probably could have got away without resizing those picture quite that much... live and learn.
It's definitely going to need a good cleaning. It appears to be stamped NM on the barrel and the op rod.

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