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I was concerned with what is on my record from another state over 20 years ago. I did an out of state backround check on myself as well as one here with DOJ and the only thing that came back was a juvinile felony from when I was 16. This was not on the DOJ report. So I decied to buy an AR15 and was not denied. Well now I want a CCW so that I can carry my wifes glock when we go camping. Howerver I've had a domestic violence charged which was dropped for violating a temporary restraining order in another state back in 1995. Does anyone think i'll be denied. What are my chances? I've had a carry conceal before in another state but had to surreneder it during the duration of the temp restraining order. What if I dont say anything on the application? Do I even need to since nothing appears on my backround checks?
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