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Originally Posted by 11Bforme View Post
This might seem like splitting hairs but I feel like your post has some miss information..

Psyops is ATTACHED to SF units. They are not part of the SF community.

Halffash was saying that it looks like they are going to allow females to "try out" for ranger school soon. Not that they could.

Also the Army Authorizes 4 individual tabs: Ranger, Special Forces, Presidents 100, Sapper and if you are NG (Governors 20).

Airborne can be a Unit tab (ie: 82nd,173rd) just like Mountain (ie 10 mountain) and you dont have to be Airborne qualified to wear the airborne patch. There are Legs in the 82nd.
Not for very long. 99% of soldiers that inprocess at Bragg are Airborne qualified. There are a few that arrive not qualified but will usually wind up on their way to Benning in a few weeks. Failure to qualify will have you PCSing real quick to another post.

As for the original question, yes there are woman and men that wear the 5th Group patch because they are assigned to one the various support units. They are not Special Forces qualified and do not wear the Green Beret. Many years ago even the support personnel wore the Green Beret but that was changed around the early nineties and they began wearing the maroon beret.
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