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Default ¿Quien es mas Macho?

Someone - Anyone - HELP NICKI SAVE THE WORLD!!!

By now even Pelosi voting San Franners have heard that Los Angeles is facing a zombie infestation. We can understand that as long as you get your sourdough and lattes you probably couldn't care less. But that's the wrong way to look at this.

The fact is that all that separates you from our zombies is a grapevine and few hundred miles of Interstate 5.

Fortunately one NorCalGunner gets it and is trying to muster up a few other intrepid NorCalGunners to hightail it down to SoCal on November 3rd and git'sum zombies!

Nicki has got it all figured out - all you need to do is say "Count me in!"

Details here!

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