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News update:

"so long as President Obama stays in office and the California Assembly continues on its mission of destroying legal gun ownership they can incrementally increase prices and the market will lap it up"
If anyone believes the BS, crap and lies about all Democrats as being Anti-Gun and all Republicans as being PRO-Gun you would be wrong.

Read the present anti gun laws and all pending legislation regarding gun control. Many of the bills regarding further and future gun control are bills authored as bipartisan. Both parties. A fact not often mentioned verbally and certainly not in print either!!! NRA fails to make note of this fact nor mention bill numbers in there scare tactics to raise money!!!

If the republican candidate wins the white house, being as he is a Republican, will he GIVE you a gun and maybe a box of FREE ammo?

If the present Demarcate remains in office, will he confiscate your gun or ban all gun sales? Neither. Any of such by either party assures them they will never again hold any office at any level of government anywhere.

My Two Cents.
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