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Originally Posted by Skin1991 View Post
I am pretty well rounded for my age (just turned 21), buisness degree (in the process), Speak german pretty decently, licensed locksmith, i am trying to acquire as many skill as possible.
I personally wouldn't bother applying right now if I were you. Take the advice given to you and do something with your life right now. Whether that's getting a degree or serving time in the military. IMO that tactical training isn't going to benefit you much unless you already have a EP job in which case most companies send you to that sort of stuff anyways.

I am not going to say that you are automatically DQ'd right now but I think you are still competing against a lot of people with more qualifications than you as well. Field is still pretty thick for the amount of jobs out there. And being 21 with what you described doesn't look too attractive compared to some of the other people out there with positive life experiences.

PS this is covered in the FAQ that is stickied above.