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It sounds like you are on the right track, and are now making good life decisions. Keep it up, and show that you are committed to continuing in the right direction.

Keep the tactical training low key. Some of the classes I've seen are full of Tommy Tacticals and Mall Ninjas. You don't want to get that type of a jacket put on you. I watched a guy pitch his training course to some innocent potential clients at a recent gun show. He was so full of bologna that it made me sick. You don't want to pick up a lot of bad habits before going to an academy. It can make it harder to UN-eff some of the things you learned.

Similarly, martial arts training is good for physical conditioning and learning how to fall without getting hurt, but some styles the moves can get you fired if not careful. I had a Kung Fu instructor that held separate classes for LE because many of the moves he taught in his regular classes would have to standing tall before a force review panel every time. He taught us some good moves that would remain within most department policies.

Officer survival is more than just gun fighting, fist fighting, and kicking butt. It includes career survival too.

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