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Originally Posted by Scuba Steve33 View Post
It's no joke. Do sprints and your regular running will go through the roof. I love them because it's the only real total body workout. Even your pecs get a workout when you sprint. Plus unlike running you are done with a set in a very short time. Running for miles which takes a long time in comparison can be mentally draining.
My weekly run has improved the last 2 weeks. I use the run keeper app on my phone from Sept 4 to Sep 25 I dropped 1.5 minutes for my 2.5 mile run I for every week. Its usually around 23:58 was on 9/4 and last week was 22:26.

Not bad for an old man . I was running in that heatwave we had. It took time to get used to it. Some days I had run in the PX real quick to get a drink. Its a good improvement in a month. But consistantly running does help.

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