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Originally Posted by chris View Post
an old CW4 used to tell us that running in short sprints will help out your run over time.

the APFT is not a joke. what is a joke is that commanders were not using it to get rid of people that is the joke. now that the wars are winding down they are doing it again. the APFT will get rid of alot of people quickly IF the commanders push the paperwork.
It's no joke. Do sprints and your regular running will go through the roof. I love them because it's the only real total body workout. Even your pecs get a workout when you sprint. Plus unlike running you are done with a set in a very short time. Running for miles which takes a long time in comparison can be mentally draining.

I agree the issue is with COC. I meant the standards for the APFT are a joke. I'm not a fan of the test itself either. I believe it should have sprints rather than a two mile run. Pull ups instead of sit ups, etc.

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You're a Specialist, aren't you?
I see what you did there.
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