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Mark 4 is a great scope, you're not "settling". This seems to be the scope everyone is lusting after.

Why is it so good? First the Horus reticle. Next the first focal plane. and lastly the matching milradian adjustments. The next scope with all 3 features cost $1000 more.

If you are really serious about long range shooting I would recommend getting the Magpul precision shooting DVD before you buy anything else. Scope buying is not to be taken lightly.

The following is my 2 cent... for what it's worth.

Your equipment depends on how you plan to shoot. For example, less then 300 yards from the standing: the scopes you mentioned are fine. I would set it up with a 0 MOA base with 2 peice rings.

For up to 600 yards you might look at a 20x or 30x scope with a 20 MOA base. Most will shoot from the prone with a bipod.

At 1k, I don't think you can beat the Nightforce NSX 42x.

Stick to 30mm or more tubes unless weight is an issue.

As for reticles. I would get the TRM then mildot. you will learn how to use them as you get better. But again, crosshairs may work for you if you plan to do a lot of running then shoot standing from short range.

1 piece rings with 20 MOA I put on my AR's. For bolt guns, it's 20 MOA at the base then 2 piece rings so I can set the scope lower. Do not get a 20 MOA base and a 20 MOA 1 piece ring.

Do more research, check more forums and wait. A scope can be with you a lifetime. Be sure you are 100% happy and there is nothing wrong with saving more money to buy what you really want.

My two scope brands are Leupold are Nightforce. If a Mark 4 is your first scope, then you are a very lucky man.
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