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Originally Posted by FFOpusX View Post
I would not mind getting into reloading, but unfortunately I don't have the time or space for a set up. Until I find some more free time I'll be at the mercy of manufactured/commercial ammo
Depending on what you shoot you could go with the Lee Classic loader and some supplies for when the supply gets tight. It does not like FMJ or plated pistol bullets but will load cast lead projectiles as good as a fancy press, fits in a babies shoe box and only cost $30.00. Now it is slow ( 1 minute per round ) but it loads great ammo and only takes a small wood block to load on. Now I would not use it as a primary reloading device unless you don't mind loading ammo at 1 minute per round, but even if all my presses break I will still have my little Classic reloaders in 45, 38 special, 9mm, 308 and 30-06.

I guess I should say something about Jack Ross so I feel part of this thread . Actually he isn't worth the imaginary ink.
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