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Default Wait Time

Originally Posted by Turner's Outdoorsman View Post
That's not a bad idea. We hope to cut all wait times- initial sale and pick-ups- drastically as we roll out our new system. Some of our stores have used numbering systems, but with mixed success. It does cut down on the confusion of who's next, but it can make customers feel rushed.

As the new system goes online, we'll take a look at ideas like yours and see what works. Thanks for the suggestion.
I went to Turners for the first time here in San Diego and it was a little hectic for a few minutes. I knew what I wanted and couldnt wait to get done with my DROS and leave..Most of the annoyance stemmed from 'knowitall" gunners just in there to get out the house and away from their wives. One guy asked to see damn near every AR on the wall..another was yapping nonstop about what guns he already had...others were in there just ready to buy and gtfo of there. I could tell the guys behind the counter have developed a thick skin because I wouldnt have the patience.The weekly sales make it worth the hassle
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