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After reading this entire thread, in which IMO got way off topic and contains way to much irrelevant info, sniveling and whining etc.

I am still wondering where and how "Turner's isn't going away, so long as President Obama stays in office and the California Assembly continues on its mission of destroying legal gun ownership they can incrementally increase prices and the market will lap it up" ......all fits in with buyers remorse????

Must have missed something here maybe????

Raise prices based upon whom is in office???? You mean buyers will get a lower price if a Republican was in office??????????

Ca. assembly has a mission to destroy legal gun ownership????? OH REALLY???? YIKES!!! Imagine if they where able to. All guns shops would close. Job loss and more business failures? Loss of tax revenues???? No need for any state employees whom run a back ground checks either??? Oh MY! More State employee pink slips!!! (???)

None of any of this makes any sense. A contract is a contract. What is the companies return policy anyway???? No returns on gun sales? None on ammo sales??? No buyers remorse??? All fine with me since it costs the company $$$$ which is overhead we all wind up paying for in the end.
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