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Texters, book readers, and drunk drivers, in equal measure. Yapping on the cell phone is dangerous, yes, but when you're texting and/or reading your book, your eyes are actually off the road. Sober or not, if your eyes are not on the road, you won't even see the stopped car or pedestrian in front of you in order to self-correct. Boom, collision. Not good.

Drunk/high drivers, that should be obvious by now. Don't get behind the wheel in the first place.

Not saying any of the others are good or proper. I don't take cell phone calls when I'm driving; it can wait the few minutes needed to get to a safe stopping point. I've been almost broadsided more than once by cell-phone yappers and texters, and defensive driving has (so far) gotten me out of it each time, but it still isn't what I'd call fun.

Now, that's a law I could get behind. If you're caught texting or yapping on your WhateverPhone while driving, it's the same as drunk driving and therefore a ticket. And I'd love to see LEO's actually handing out tickets for this, because based on what I've seen, heck yeah, it is dangerous.
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