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Originally Posted by J-cat View Post
All this time and energy, you could have bought reloading equipment and loaded that many rounds, and saved enough money to pay for all of it.
You said it. I'm glad the OP finally got his ammo, don't get me wrong. However, this "Jack Ross" drama is a canonical example of why I started rollin' my own. I don't need to be concerned about whether the ammo vendors have what I shoot in stock. When I need a box, i just sit down and crank out a couple boxes. This is also why I started casting; projectile availability is no longer an issue.

Oh, and I save a lot of money per round, too. :-)

EVERY shooter in California should at least pick up something like a Lee Classic Turret press and get going. Yes, most shooters can afford such a setup; they typically buy multiple guns, so they can buy a decent reloading setup, too (I know, Mosin buyers lke me are the one exception ). It'd be less than $300 for everything.
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