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It's the ARMY, basic requirement to pass your APFT, when I was on active unit standard 270 or above. If you didn't meet that standard you where on special POP PT. The army's basic standard is easy 180 60 in each event. Some of the guys in my guard unit can't pass on that. My basic instruction as a leader are simple. As a NCO I will help you meet the standard, but at the same time we are in the guard so you also need to want to meet the standard. If they don't want to put forth the effort I will assist that Soldier in his/her chapter paper work. This is the United States Army, thanks for your time and service, BUT obviously its something that 1)either you do not want to do because you do not want to meet the standard 2) you have a medical condition that either you have a profile for or the army sees you unfit for duty. We are soldier, we should be able to pass a APFT any time, any day.

Besides my tangent, congrats
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