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I'm a long haul truck driver and have been for 30+ years. Hypothetically lets say I have a handgun safe bolted down in the sleeper area of the truck COMPLETELY out of reach from the drivers seat. I would keep my spare cash and a handgun in there. I am stopped frequently at the scales and on the roadside and inspected. I have never been asked by a LEO if I have any weapons in the truck. If I was asked permission to search the truck, I would polity refuse a search of the drivers or "residence" compartment of the truck for any reason. Being that the gun is in a safe bolted to the truck in the "Residence area" of the truck, how does the law handle this? I realize that different states have different laws and I have to abide by them. There is nothing in the FMCSA (the laws truckers live by) that prohibits carrying a firearm for personal defense. I have asked the FMCSA this question.
I will soon have a Florida nonresident CCl.
If asked by a LEO for permission to search and I polity refuse and then was asked again, I would simply say that I have been on the road for a while and don't want anyone but my wife digging around in my dirty undies and then polity refuse a search again.
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