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While LEOSA may be applicable and a means for your father to legally carry a concealed weapon in California, I suggest you do a bit of internet research and confirm that your father does in fact meet the requirements. Just because he was “former NJPD” using your words, does not in and of itself automatically mean he qualifies under the requirement of LEOSA (the original HR218, and the undated S 1132).

If he does qualify and meet the requirements as to the number of years of active service and the other requirements, he will still have to meet the annual firearm qualification requirements. There is NO course or class required as mentioned above, and there is no permit required; but he will have to shoot annually, and carry the appropriate documentation.

Do the research and read both the original bill HR 218, and the second bill S 1132 that modified the original requirements and made the annual qualification requirements easier to meet.

Please understand, my comments only reflect the requirements to legally carry a concealed firearm in California, as allowed under LEOSA and in no way should be interpreted as giving him the ability to carry a concealed weapon while working as a security guard.

Lastly, I strongly urge you to do your own research, and not rely on the information posted here, as some of it is just clearly wrong.

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