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Originally Posted by C.W.M.V. View Post
This is a part of the Army I never really saw.
All my units had an "enhanced" standard. If you scored below a 260 you failed according to Battalion.
Sure they couldn't do anything like reduction/separation as you met army standard, but you got to do remedial PT with some of the psycho triple canopy guys.
I don't think that held true for the HQ's guys but in the line companies this was enforced.
Same here. It's an infantry standard, not an Army one. If you failed one you took another three days later and if you couldn't pass that one you were sent to an S-shop. If you passed the second and stayed in a line you were on remedial PT forever. I hated having to run remedial for the fatties. Luckily a lot of those guys eventually washed out too. You should max push ups and sit ups, those are easy. The run is the hardest for most people but doing sprints will increase your run speed.

The APFT is a joke on its own and the fact that we've been at war for over a decade doesn't help with maintaining the standards.
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