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Default Guys, let's pump this up, what are you going to bring.

Guys, pics optional. I'm going on a plane flight here in 5 hours to Orlando to go to the SAF GRPC myself, so no pics from me.

Tell us what you are going to bring and what you are willing to let others try out, I bet we are going to have so many different guns, it will be BETTER than any gun show because here we can actually SHOOT the guns.

Anyway, the guns I plan on bringing myself.

1. AR 15 featureless, mine has the U 15 stock and I have pre-bans
2. AR 15 with BB, but it's a simple nice compact setup.
3. Benelli M2 shotgun with pistol grip
4. Rem 870 shotgun with pistol grip and standard stock.
5. Colt 45 pistol
6. Springfield operator, I put a light/laser on it
7. Raging bull 454, a hand cannon.

I may bring some other guns depending on my mood.

Point is, lets say 100 of us show up, I bet that we will have over 400 different guns to try out.

I'm bringing extra ammo so that I can try out other people's guns and all of you should do the same. Of course I would reccomend factory ammo for trying out other people's guns since many people don't trust unknown reloads.