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Originally Posted by savannah View Post
I also think husband's/ boyfriends get overly excited when women get to thinking about buying a gun or rifle. My husband was beside himself when I started showing an interest. I think they buy "the wife" a gun thinking they really will like it, but don't think about all the things we think about. They want them smaller caliber and smaller for their small hands.

Some women have larger hands (for women), it is only their husband that thinks they need a smaller gun. I love the Glock. Not exactly small. I like shooting the .223 and 9mm, my husband would have bought me a .22. I prefer 12 gauge shotgun, everyone suggested I start with a 20.

I think their hearts are right, but they don't know us when it comes to guns.
I think it may also depend on the gun itself, and the intended use. You mention that you prefer a 9mm and your husband would have bought you a .22. I don't know your husband or you, but the suggestion to get a .22lr isn't necessarily just because of the light recoil, being a smaller gun, and so on. For someone who already has a gun they can use defensively, why not a .22? Ammo for any gun worth carrying or using in a defensive situation is an order of magnitude more expensive than .22lr. Trigger time even on the lowly .22lr is better than no trigger time on a 9mm. For the cost of 1,000 rounds of 9mm, you can buy an entire .22lr gun and a boatload of ammo to go with it. Maybe he thought you might enjoy it? Maybe he was hoping you'd get more trigger time with cheaper ammo? Possibly an appleseed class in mind?

Of course the situation of a guy dictating that the SO should get one specific gun for any number of silly reasons does happen(my co-worker kept asking me if I thought my LCP would be a good first gun for his wife, I told him he was an idiot and should have her try a variety of sizes and calibers. From the look he gave me, I can only assume that he's going to end up getting her an LCP, whatever), but it's not always the case.

Admittedly, the only woman I've ever bought a gun for would be my Mother. I'm not married and any past GFs could have bought their own guns with their own money(that's an entirely different topic, that's not necessary to discuss here). Of the two guns that I bought her, one was a 12ga shotgun because one day at the range she said that she wanted to get one "some time in the future" and had already pointed out a specific model she was interested in. Who's gonna turn that down for a birthday present? The other happened to be a .22lr rifle, not because she can't handle something else but based off of observations I made on a previous range trip(comments here and there) and that she can buy her own ammo much cheaper than if I got her something in say... .308. Turns out she likes shooting at small dots with small bullets 100 yards away, go figure(but I already knew that).

Of course the guns she's had for years include things like a beretta 92fs that I hate shooting(I think the grip is too fat even with my XL glove size hands and I hate the slide mounted safety) and a 4" colt trooper in .357(I hate the backwards cylinder release on colts). Guns that she picked out on her own, for herself, after trying out other guns many years ago.

My point is, that not every suggestion or even gift of a small caliber/size gun has to have some silly pretext behind it along the lines of "she can't handle A, so she should have B instead". While at the same time, not every gun is really meant for defense, hunting, etc. either.

BonnieB's list of 1,3,4,5 I agree are crappy reasons. Although I don't quite get why #2 is a problem if some actual thought was put into the purchase.

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