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Default Larry Vickers One Day MP5 - Las Vegas 10//18/2012

Just thought I'd cross post this awesome class, I am not a host but a student of this class and wanted to help out the great guys at New Froniter Armory get the word out on this class.
It will NOT be filmed due to unforseen circumstances but it will be an awesome oppportunity to experience shooting one of the most classic full auto guns with one of the world's finest instructors!


Course Date: 18 October 2012

This is a "turn key" course and all you have to do is show up. Uniform, ammo, weapon, eye/ear pro, chow, hydration and transportation are all included
They reserved an executive shuttle with all the amenities to transport the students to and from the 215 acre site. From the drop off point, the students will then be transported via military HMWVV from the staging point to the range area.

- Once at the range area, chow and beverages are provided throughout the day.

- Several MP5 variants, which we will provide, are included in the cost of the course and they include the MP5, MP5A3, MP5-SD and MP5-K. Plenty of magazines will provided as well.

- Eye protection, ear protection and military ACU's are included.

- All students will be provided with 600 rounds of Federal 124 grain FMJ.

This is a one day MP5 Tactics course taught by 20 year DELTA FORCE and special operations team member and world famous firearms instructor Larry Vickers.

Using fully automatic MP5 Sub-Machine Guns, the course will cover everything you need to be profecient with this weapon system from the history of the MP5 to the operation of the firearm during live fire drills.

The price of the course includes transportation from Battlefield: Vegas to our 215 acre private desert training facility, use of the MP5 SMG, 600 rounds of ammunition, steel targets, lunch on the range and cold bevarages throughout the day.

Roll call will be at 0730 at Battlefield: Vegas and debreif will be at 1700 after which you'll be released.

This is a once in a lifetime oppurtunity to take advantage of instruction and full auto fun from one of the best instructors in the industry.

Once the class is sold out, all students will be contacted via e-mail with reporting details and addreses and be updated with any changes to the class schedule.

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