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See I'm not worried about career criminals as this would be too much of a hassle for them. It's desperate people like the individual that this woman ran across that are unpredictable. I'm glad she had a Glock to defend herself. I found myself in a similar situation 6 months ago in downtown LA, it was late, dark, and had to grab my PF-9 with my ArmaLaser attached. I had no time to call 911 as the man was trying to enter my truck while I was parked in a parking structure getting ready to back out. I saw what looked like a led pipe in his hand as he approached my truck and was trying to get inside via the door handle. Let's just say the laser got his attention REAL quick as it shined through my window straight at his heart. He changed his mind and quickly ran off. Cops never found him. When I was young my uncle was car jacked by 3 individuals and shot. As they fled he was left bleeding out and only lived because someone walking by heard the gunshots and ran to a pay phone to call for help. Thankfully the woman and my own situation didn't end up like my uncles.

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