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Originally Posted by gun toting monkeyboy View Post
Where exactly did you get that idea? It is still listed on Marlin's websight. And I still see them in stores fairly often. They changed the model number a while back, when they went to the Stainless version. But as far as I can tell, they are still making them.

They are no longer being made. That's why the one's you see in stores have gone from $99 to $250+.

Marlin still has them on their website because they do in fact plan on making them again. But when Remington bought Marlin, they closed the factory in Connecticut in 2010 and moved production to New York and Kentucky. They have not yet begun producing the Papoose. Who knows when they will start up production again.

Also, the Marlin firearms being produced at the new plants are of much lower quality compared to those that were produced in CT. So even if the Papoose is manufactured again, expect a lower quality product.
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