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Originally Posted by goodlookin1 View Post
Cool pics. Might make you look more hardcore if you didn't use soda in your glass though....that's right, I see that Diet Dr. Pepper can back there

Use scotch for desired effect

Oh, and I'll up the ante' by throwing up a pic of my Anaconda, cocked and unlocked

Dang trying to make up for something there

Come classic actually! Someone drank all the capt/gentelmans jack I had in my stash cabinet was actually looking forward to "having" to drink it after the shoot lol

****ty part was there wasn't any ice in the ice maker due to it being 90 in OC that whole week and everyone runing the ice maker dry so I had to drink hot coke lol

Originally Posted by Fishslayer View Post
Nice shots, but twenties?
That's not even my money actually lol all my girls cash and that's all she had on her. It's only like $80 3 20's and the rest are 1s and 5s lol

I carry plastic no paper. Lost my wallet too many times to know better haha
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