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Default Women-What grips do you all prefer?

Being a big handed guy, I buy and carry guns which are comfortable to shoot-which for me means owning pistols most folk find to be too large for comfort.

As such when I last brought a new shooter to the range neither party had an easy time shooting my big-gripped Beretta 92FS. For me its an ideal grip size,but my friend's wife couldn't reach the trigger in Double Action mode. To wit, she also couldn't safety check the weapon without pointing the gun upward to rack the slide on account of her hand size.

To prevent awkwardness in the future im looking at buying a poly frame 9mm which has a changeable grip. The idea is I have is to keep the grips set to 'large' for me, then when range day comes around I can switch to a smaller setup for my guests.

My question is, do ladies have a grip preference in theirr semi-autos, and if so, what size? The handgun im looking at buying to fill this role ain't cheap, so before I waste money i'd like some confirmation from women with trigger time that im on the right track with this.
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