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Originally Posted by VintageDUG View Post
Went out again today (hey I'm retired - I got time). At first there was 3-4 vehicles with 10 shooters total spread out on the hill. No one down below near the road. As we were looking for a space one truck on the far end (in the direction of the great fire, before it dips down) left so we set up there. As we were shooting everyone cleared out, taking their trash with them. (yeah I'm that nosy)

While reloading we heard plenty of high powered shots coming from down by the road. When we left there were three TRUCKS and one car all set up with shooting tables, ez ups, etc. All near the road. Complete dumbazzes.

We took as much trash as we could hold. Some super smart shooter used small sized baby powder bottles as targets (full). I picked them all up while I wondered what his high school gpa might be.

There was an older lady mining brass and she said if we left ours she would clean it up for us. I didn't see her when we left and I was tempted to rake it and trash it, but we chanced it and left it. We shot no steel or shotguns today so it was a simple matter to load our targets and other peoples trash and leave.

No idea where this gate might be. It's not the way I come in.
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