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Originally Posted by wild800 View Post
My two cents, for what it's onequickshift, I don't always mention on every forum that I am female. But when I saw a subforum labeled "Ladies Forum" lead me to believe that is a place for ladies, women, girls, females, etc to discuss guns, and I kind of liked the idea. I have nothing against having sections of the site labled the Gentleman's Forum, Gay Forum, LEO Forum, Specific Nationality Forum, etc.

It's not that I don't want to interact with the men folk, because lets face it there are more of them involved in the shooting sports, and therefor a larger number of male sources of information for me to interact with and learn from. If I want to look something up about gunsmithing or armoring, I will go to sites that have subforums pertaining to those topics.

I respect that the owner of this forum has the final say, but if it were up to me, men would be able to see the ladies forum, but not to post.
lol Heading to Vegas for the week for Olympia Competitions, :P most guys on another forum I am on, do not know I am a woman, so when they stand at an agreed meeting place, and I pop up, I can start handing out custom challenge coins hahaha.

I kinda enjoy being thought of, as one of the guys, other wise sometimes they treat me like I'm fragile.

But in anycase, agreed with what is also said, doesn't need to be locked, if other exercise manners, and mind where they are.
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