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Originally Posted by interstellar View Post
Thanks Robb! We need to go shoot together when things calm down.

Let's have a donor range day - two of them, NorCal and SoCal. Nice CalGuns socials! They would also be great opportunities for us to film our supporters!
This is an AMAZING idea!

-Mark a day on the calendar that works for most
-Maybe find some good areas in both NorCal and SoCal to shoot (something I honestly know nothing about haha, only done range shooting). That way there is no range fee on top of donation.
-Agree on an "entry donation" (IMO $15-20 which can be what most ranges charge for a fee) I would assume more of a donation would be always welcome
-If people want to do extra, they can donate their brass that can be sold in the seller's forum or ebay or whatever's legal for a little icing on the cake.
-Maybe a 50/50 raffle
-Maybe an additional/small donation for those who want to partake in friendly competition. IE: Pistol shoot, short range rifle, long range rifle, irons only etc...maybe winner gets a prize, or something

Just a few thoughts.

Either way, I'd love to shoot with you when things calm down, Kris!
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