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Originally Posted by CSACANNONEER View Post
Did you read the fact that she's a blonde?

J/K. I stand corrected.

Conversations with my wife have lead me to understand that it is SOP for women to be raised with a total lack of awareness as their defensive posture. A thought that has held up to outside fact checking. This is totally backwards and is a serious problem.

See the woman jogging with earbuds in brain off, off in some la la land. Or walking through campus when a "fondler" is on the lose targeting distracted women. Women driving cars and everywhere in life I see the "if I act like I can't see you then I can do whatever I want so I purposely DONT see you".

Which is a good way to end up the victim of a predator. Note that in this day and age having your head in la-la land is not the purview of one sex.
Anyways, I am always chuffed when I encounter a woman who is aware and alert. That is how you stay not a victim.
We give them happiness and they give us authority.
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