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Originally Posted by Bugguts View Post
First off, I've been swiped by a person who apparently either didn't notice he hit me(89yr old man, no license, no insurance, had license taken due to medical conditions) or didn't care or was worried because he was driving illegally. I did follow him while calling 911 and alerting them to the fact he had hit me and I was following him and asking for an officer for when he finally stopped. I did not CHASE him and I did not CONFRONT him even though I was pissed beyond measure as my car was only a week old!

You chased a woman, confronted her and was probably in a high state of irritation so no, she did not get out of the car. Neither would I until the police arrived. So she told a lie. She WAS in the wrong and she probably knew it but being confronted by an angry, large man would probably make me more likely to stay in my car and call 911 myself although I would have accepted responsibility and not tried to lie my way out as she did. The police were right in lecturing you IMO because the way you handled it, she could have very well been armed and felt that her life was in danger and you might not have lived to tell us your tale.
Sorry..."chase" was the wrong term to use but I didn't do anything different than you did when you followed that gentleman. Now I didn't say that I was yelling or getting upset with the woman when I confronted her about this...just that I wasn't happy about the was little more than..."excuse me, you hit my car back there when..." The reason I was lectured by the police was the story she told them about our encounter was NOT what happened. Had I been shot, she'd be in jail for shooting an un armed man who was not physically or verbally assaulting her.

That said, not to take this off track, I understood why she wanted to stay in her car and urge others that if you don't feel safe, call the cops and hang out to let's them sort the stories and insurance details out.
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