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Went yesterday, and holy crap, please, please, get some better staff or at least get them a tiny bit of firearms education. Absolutely no muzzle awareness, nobody knew how to clear and check a weapon, I hear, "not sure how to check this, but it's unloaded" twice, scary. Doubt anybody behind the gun counter has even fired a gun, much less a firearms expert. There were maybe 3-4 people around the firearms counter, and 5-6 sales guys, so I didn't bother taking a number, just asked if I could see one of the guns in the case, was told "take a number and we'll get to you when we can", what a joke.

The ammo selection is decent, and there's a little bit of reloading stuff (though it's pretty expensive), so I may be back if I need something not worth paying shipping on. Otherwise, I can't see myself going back.

I've bought a couple guns from Turner's in Orange and been happy with the customer service and selection, Turner's Reseda is terrible, and at this time Oxnard is worse than Reseda. I'll give them a fair 2nd chance in 6 months when they've have a chance to either educate or replace the staff and get the bugs worked out, but a chain shouldn't have teething issues like that in the first place.
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