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Ran the numbers - we need to raise $4K a day from here on out.

Blogs are starting to work. The radio interviews, too, but, we need to circle back to our fellow Calgunners, CA gun owners and our local FFLs and ask for their help.

Some folks back East are helping out as well, but many feel that CA and gun rights are a lost cause. Let show them they're wrong!

In 2005, during the chaotic aftermath of Katrina, misguided LE and National Guardsmen confiscated guns throughout New Orleans - a clear breech of the citizen's civil rights. Now, seven years later, Louisianans will pass a state constitutional 2nd amendment in November making sure that the same unlawful acts never happen again. If Louisianans can make sure that 2A lives in their state, so can we.

Please let your friends know that everyone that has joined this team through a pledge needs their help. Together, we can all make this film a reality. Together we can change minds.
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