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Originally Posted by Eldraque View Post
i feel like this lady overreacted a little? seems to me like a normal car accident where youd be expected to pull over, get out, and exchange information/assess the damage. not sit in your car and threaten people with guns and the police.
I strongly disagree.

In a normal car accident, the other guy is usually inspecting their car for damage right away before initiating contact. For the other party to immediately approach the drivers side of the car suggests they don't care about the condition of their vehicle-and that, friend, is cause for concern.

Originally Posted by Eldraque View Post
Then again im a tall guy and so am not usually threatened by the average dancing doofus
Perhaps. But car accidents are a chance encounter by nature. Hopefully the idiot who hits your vehicle has insurance and is otherwise an upstanding individual. Its also possible the guy or gal who hit you is a felon with an outstanding warrant, who's well aware that cops tend to show up on accident scenes. There may not even need to be that kind of backstory:the other guy could just mentally snap from the accident and decide beating you to a pulp is a great idea.

Caution after an accident is a prudent thing, and MrsKitty did the right thing.
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