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Originally Posted by vision1214 View Post
Every thing was done perfectly - reading this post, I immediately thought either car jack or he would push you in his car. Applauding the actions you took!!!! Getting bumped by a car usually is an accident but you don't know that - Bravo girl!!!!!

Wow Bugguts - what a weird encounter. I don't care if they are purple. Everyone is a threat as far as I am concerned until proven otherwise.
It was weird. It was also before I even started shooting guns but it was like "WTH?" If I am in a parking lot(or anywhere actually) and hear someone lock their doors, I don't assume it's because they see me, this 5'1", 200lb white woman with a limp, is some kind of threat. Hell some cars actually lock doors automatically upon reaching like 5mph or something like that?
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